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GENESIS: Groundwater and Dependent Ecosystems: New Scientific and Technological Basis for Assessing Climate Change and Land-use Impacts on Groundwater

Wednesday, 1 April, 2009 to Monday, 31 March, 2014
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Democritus University of Thrace, Department of Environmental Engineering
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Konstantinos P. Tsagarakis

The concept of GENESIS project is to base the research on different relevant aquifer sites in various European countries to test scientific issues and find new results to important problems.

Groundwater resources are facing increasing pressure from consumptive uses (irrigation, water supply, industry) and contamination by diffuse loading (e.g. agriculture) and point sources (e.g. industry). This cause major threat and risks to our most valuable water resource and on ecosystems dependent on groundwater. New information is needed on how to better protect groundwaters and groundwater dependent ecosystems (GDE) from intensive land-use and climate change. The impacts of land-use changes and climate changes are difficult to separate as they party result in similar changes in the ecosystems affected. The effects are highly interwoven and complex. The EU groundwater directive (GWD) and the water framework directive (WFD) provide means to protect groundwater (GW) aquifers from pollution and deterioration. At present, the maximum limits for groundwater pollutant concentrations have been set for nitrate and various pesticides. Also, water of sufficient quality and quantity should be provided to ecosystems dependent on groundwater. The European aquifers differ by their geology, climate and threats to aquifers. This must be considered when general guidelines for management of these systems are developed.

 The objective of GENESIS is to integrate pre-existing and new scientific knowledge into new methods, concepts and tools for the revision of the Ground Water Directive and better management of groundwater resources.

GENESIS will provide tools to assess land-use and climate impacts on ground water and related ecosystems. The tools will be based on better scientific basis on i) groundwater flow paths, ii) biogeochemical processes, iii) methods to observe and reduce pollution, iv) ecosystem interactions, and v) integrated management.

Furthermore, GENESIS will provide better solutions to identify groundwater pollution changes, develop methods to assess the points for pollution trend reversal, and generate knowledge on how to protect groundwater dependent ecosystems. This sets the basis for future and better groundwater management.

The GENESIS project (Contract number: 226536) is funded under the thematic area Environment (including Climate Change) of the Seventh Framework Program of the European Community for research, technological development and demonstration activities (2007-2013).

Total Cost: 9.170.600 €

EC Contribution: 6.997.200 €

Duration: 60 months (start 1. April 2009)

Consortium: 25 partners from 17 countries

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